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This session (6 min.) would explain in brief

  • Industry, academia & Government cooperation
  • Technical innovation for SDGs
  • Leading project promoted by the Japanese government

This session (18 min.) aims at understanding,

  • Managements for marine environmental issues
  • Standardization of technical protocols for marine EIA
  • Legal rules for marine environments

This session (20 min.) aims at understanding,

  • New habitat assessment methods
  • Monitoring the dynamic response of marine ecosystems
  • Free fall type research lander “Edokko” and “COEDO” series

This session (16 min.) aims at understanding,

  • Developing ISO standards for protection of the ocean
  • Technical requirement on marine EIA
  • ISO standards for capacity building

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This webinar is hosted by J-MARES (the Research and Development Partnership for Next Generation Technology of Marine Resources Survey) with the cooperation of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology), as part of SIP Ocean Program promoted by the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government.